Friday, 22 October 2010

Flickr link

Following Iona's Blog example, I have added a link to my Flickr account (MilfoilMan). Click on "Today's chosen image" to take you there, and then the Back button to return to the Blog. These at the moment are a selection of photos taken on previous holidays, just to test the links etc.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. Nice pictures Rich... are they all your own work? I do recognise a couple. Keep up the good work along with a piccalilli and marmalade! :-)
    Regards... Malcolm
    PS: Before anyone notices, there is only one 'T' in 'Edited' :-D

  2. google search 'Microsoft powertoy image resizer' and you will find a MS approved option for XP - but you might be running Vista or better?

    Also - who's the fella in the deck chair? thought the picture of the day might be a random selection from your flickr page. great to see that getting some use...

    Lots of love, Corin, Jen + Harper.