Friday, 17 December 2010

To the UK

 Well here we are in the UK ready to start our Christmas celebrations with the family. Our 2 suitcases weighed in at 44.5kg at Menorca and 43.5kg at Barcelona.  So there you have it... Gravity is more powerful in the Balearics. Fortunately neither check in charged us for this excess.
Next morning we get up to a covering of snow.  See photos via "Today's chosen Image". Iona, our daughter, has been doing a 365 miles in 365 days challenge for charity. She is a tad behind target at the moment and as encouragement we decided to join her on her morning mile. Clicking here  will take you to her blog and further photos of this morning. For some appropriate music Click here.


  1. The weigh difference I think is because you eated some chocolate & cakes during your stopover in Barcelona.XXXX

  2. Now I realize ATE is the past of eat,sorry.