Thursday, 18 November 2010

Change of Plan

We were contacted a couple of days ago to tell us that our overnight flight from Delhi to Bangkok was now departing from Delhi at noon the next day. This means we have had to find an extra nights accommodation at Delhi. After some searching of the internet and in particular, we have found a hotel called IMPRESS and it appears that it does...... or at least so far, as it has only been going a month. The description of the restaurant left us giggling for some time..... "All types of snacks and delicacies are served so that the guests are hooked to it for a long time. From cold drinks and hot tea to crispy meals, everything is served to delight the guests for unlimited joy."....... Crispy meals? We wait and see if that is really so.......... perhaps read ...."burnt around the edges". Who knows? This really is a spitting distance from the airport runway and as we have an airport check-in at 10am the following morning it should be convienient. I hope they have good double glazing. They offer free WIFI which for a 3 star hotel is great and will enable me to update the blog after our first major stage of our RTW.  At the start of our India visit we are in the Ramada Plaza where they charge 10 US $ for one hour. I think they have something to learn from this little hotel.

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  1. You have to take all the free internet you can when you are travelling!