Friday, 5 November 2010

Useful Web sites

On searching the Internet for information, now and then I come across really useful sites which may be of interest to other travellers. This posting will be added to as the tour progresses and any sites which you may find will also be appreciated.  Please leave a comment if you find an interesting site that could be useful and I will add it into this posting later.
On trying to find out what time it was in NZ, so that we could phone Peter, I found this site..... .... which has all sorts of interesting bits. It will tell you not only the time and date of anywhere in the world, but also under Tools it will measure how far places are apart. Our first RTW leg, London to Delhi is 6,724 Km for example. I will use this to see just how far we will have travelled by the time we have finished. Yes, I have packed the Anorak!!!
Came across this by accident. Should prove useful when on the road in NZ... the gkrt bit stands for "Great Kiwi Road Trips". It suggests detours off the beaten track to see bits otherwise possibly missed while out driving. One drive scheduled at just over three and a half hours, they suggest three days to take in the full glory of NZ.

More later.......... watch this space and please add any sites of interest into the comments option at the end of this posting by clicking on the word "Comments".

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