Saturday, 20 November 2010

Some Stats

Working on a London to London basis, on our RTW tour, we will be travelling 27,650 Miles. That assumes a straight line journey between destinations on the ground like Christchurch to Auckland (470m) and LA to San Francisco (341m). Clearly it will be in excess of that as we are touring to see the sights.  Add to that 2,360 Miles to get us from home to Manchester and then to London to start the tour proper, and then the reverse at the end, our carbon footprint will be huge! We will be travelling through 8 different countries and be taking 12 Flights. We will be sleeping in 45 different beds and spend 3 overnighters in airplane seats. The Web informs me that the circumference of the earth is just under 25,000 miles, whichever way it is measured.  So clearly we will be doing some up and down as well as around.

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  1. You will do alot more miles than you think ! xxx