Friday, 11 February 2011

Invercargill. Feb 11th

Our landlady suggested that as part of our walk around Invercargill we should visit the local hardware shop. Inside which we found a good selection of old motorbikes. This was a sort of hardware shop / motorcycle museum. The prize exhibit being the actual “fastest Indian” built by Burt Munro here in Invercargill. Those who have seen the film will know that this bike was shipped to the Bonneville Salt flats in the USA where it achieved the world record for its time. There were also parts that had been made specially for the film on display. In all there were probably about 50 bikes in this hardware store.  We crossed the road and walked up Yarrow Street….. it had to be done. On our way back we walked through  the park and into the museum where we met Henry…. The 120 year old Tuatara, a kind of reptile that has been on earth for millions of years.
In search of a swimming beach we visited both Bluff and Riverton where we spotted the backside of a penguin sticking out of some rocks. Several phone calls later, the penguin rescue service came and pulled it out of its “between a rock and a hard place” and were going to tag it and release it later tonight in calm seas. Our good deed for today.  If not for my experiments with B&W photos of the pier, we would not have noticed it. Ann never actually got to swim, but had a good paddle instead.  Photos here.

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