Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Up to Mount Cook and on to Sumner (ChCh) Feb 15th

Just when you think you can’t be impressed any more by scenery, you encounter Mount Cook and the Southern Alps…Wow! Just the other side of the hill from Fox Glacier, so to speak. We just kept stopping time and time again to take photos as we would round another bend and there would be another amazing view of the mountains. We were very lucky that it was a lovely sunny, clear day so we got to see Mount Cook and the snow and glacial ice as it should be seen, with just a few shreds of cloud for atmosphere. We got as far as we were allowed by car, then went walking for a while to get even closer, but, to be honest, the best views are actually from a bit further away.
We headed off towards Christchurch where we were staying on the edge of the Banks Peninsula, so we could see some gardens we’d earmarked on that side of the city. The sea was in and in Sumner, where we are, there is a wide sweeping bay, so I had to go swimming, of course. There were far more surfers than swimmers, and to be truthful, to say I swam isn’t very accurate. I played and dodged between the big waves. Great fun! Richard just spent some time photographing the surfers.
Photos here.

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