Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sumner to Nelson Feb 17th

For those of us counting the years, today is 44 years since Rich and I met! We have just celebrated with a lovely piece of salmon and veg and a nice bottle of wine we bought on our travels today.

It was a long journey (435 Kms), 9.30 to 6.30 but through some interesting landscapes, along side the sea for quite a time and up and down mountains between. The sea at Kaikoura was incredible, layers of milky blue at the edge, caused by the mixing of the silty edge with the sea, then the clear blue of the shallow water and then a sharp line where the ocean floor drops away suddenly and the sea becomes deep dark blue. This is where the whales come in to breed. We still find it hard to believe the amount of driftwood on many sea shores and that no-one seems to use or value it. Imagine what it would fetch, all that bleached beautiful wood, in England. Shame we can’t bring any home.
We travelled through a lot of vineyards too, and seeing the patterns they make on the hillsides we were reminded of the olive groves in Spain. We have also kept seeing a large eagle, we think, but bird of prey definitely, but have so far been unable to catch it on film. Still not as close as we’d like, but we saw so many today we had to have a try.  Sorry only a few Photos but most of the time I was driving. Click here for photos.

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