Thursday, 20 January 2011

Australia Day 2 Jan 20th

Today we caught the bus into Perth to see a bit of the city and King’s Park.  What struck us most about the city is how the new buildings are interspersed with the old.  I say old……… nothing is really old here, but by comparison….. as you will see in the photos here. The Kings Park is a botanical garden / park where they are in particular looking at indigenous planting and the preservation of endangered species. The fountains were most entertaining. We went down to the waterside for a pub lunch. We then had to rush home so we could Skype Iona before she went to work. 7am UK = 3pm WA. Later tonight we are going out for a meal. A bit of Pomme humour for the techy gadget owners out there...... here  View full screen if possible.

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  1. Did you realise that this is the "date" joke we kept laughing at over Christmas??? Great minds eh!