Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Australia here we come

Singapore to Australia,  Jan 18th
A fairly uneventful journey, except for a lady being wheelchaired off the plane ill, and then a half hour wait to find her case. We found Debbie at the airport once we turned on our phones..... she was driving round the car park, waiting for us to emerge and we were waiting inside at arrivals (having a cup of tea). We past a sign for Welshpool on the way to her house...... strange.......... and then she explained that Manchester was the name here for linen. So people go to buy Bed Manchester. Todd made us a great evening meal and a few beers and a couple of wines later we dropped into a lovely bed and slept well.
Wednesday.  Jan 19th
Today we catch the bus in just under an hours time for a  Wine Tour of WA (Western Aus). 
No photos for yesterday at all, but I'm sure I'll get a few good ones today......... so a bit of musical entertainment for you.....here

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  1. Quite a video! CAMPER! bet they had fun making that.