Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bangkok Day 1 Jan 13th

This morning found us both a bit the worse for wear. Rich still with a terrible cough that doesn’t allow him to sleep and me absolutely washed out after a horrible sore throat. We’re not sure if the Delhi smog is taking its toll or whether jet lag and general time change effects are the reason.
Our hotel is situated near the sky train and we got maps and headed out to try to see something of the city from above as it were. However you really can’t get above Bangkok! It’s a city of monstrous skyscrapers all very modern and concrete and glass, lots of huge shopping blocks and hotels as well as offices and living accommodation. Dotted amongst all this there are a few green spaces, a small park or even a golf course and most buildings have some plants or even trees planted up their side.
We arrived at the river where you can catch a variety of different boats to get to different tourist destinations in the city. You catch a glimpse of the other town that has grown up along its banks, floating or built on stilts in it. We got off at Pier 8 Wat Pho, a 16 century Palace to house the largest collection of Buddha images in Tailand. Amongst which was the biggest reclining Buddha and the sumptuous temple around him. I have never seen so much gold, decoration and carving, and so many statues of Buddha in one place. There was worship going on amid all the tourists too.
We had intended to do more but feeling washed out in the humidity and heat we came back to the hotel for tea and a snooze. Siestas are such a good idea.  Later that night I (Rich) ventured out to top up the cough mixture supplies and get some milk as all we ever get here is coffeemate powder stuff. At night it is like a scene from Bladerunner.  The road underneath the skyrail, cables everywhere, people wearing masks, and all sorts of people selling all sorts of food and other goods on the pavements.  The walkways are uneven and I have tripped once, but survived. Massage on offer everywhere. “turn left at Snow White Massage and then left again at oil and head massage”. The most unusual must be the “Henna and yoghurt” massage. 
Photos here.


  1. Sorry to hear you are both under the weather, but sure the whisky will help! Pity they don't have any 'Ciento Tres' :-)

  2. Have you too merged as one! Mum starts the writing and then dad takes over! Makes it a bit hard to follow!

    Love you, can't wait to skype!