Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sunrise over Ayres Rock, Jan 24th

The alarm set for 4.10am ensured that we caught the bus that would take us to the viewing platform for the sunrise photo opportunity. On our way to the bus we saw our first mammal of the trip, a rabbit outside our door. Ann had a cup of tea and some biscuits as we got off the bus, but with biscuits in hand I made my way straight to the platform to claim my space. In all, I estimated there to be over 300 budding photographers all jostling for the best space. The real professionals with tripods and 2000 GBP lenses had been there at least an hour before us and were very well established. If the photos of the rock do not have much foreground, that is because there were so many people down at that level as to spoil the shot. So many of my shots have a lot of sky in them. The change of colour was very gradual as the sun came up, and to be honest I was expecting something a bit more dramatic as it had been hyped up so much. “Like watching paint dry” said Ann. I finally ended my shots with 5 panoramic views left to right and have merged them into a shot that would print out at about 2 metres wide in full resolution. We then went around the otherside of the rock to see the colour without the sun on it…. Very purple. Photos here.

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