Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ayres Rock to Cairns, Jan 24th

We had to check out before 10am and spent some time before our airport transfer (12.45) looking at some of the other hotel complexes. The “Sails in the Desert” had a very nice art gallery as well as nice architectural details. The weather forecast for the day showed just what we have been having these past few days…… 43 degrees and 10% humidity. A very dry heat that gets you in the throat, like a sauna before you throw water on the coals.
At the airport I took some photos of some pictures of the Rock’s first airport. A bit too close to the rock itself for my liking. One last shot of the Olgas as we took off and then a few more as we descended into Cairns. The sea had a muddy look about it as the rivers had washed so much silt down these past few days. It is not raining now, and tomorrow is said to be OK for our Skyrail trip up into the rain forest. Photos here
Absolute rubbish Internet here in Cairns........ will get back when I can.

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