Friday, 11 March 2011

12th March update

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...........

Due to a mountain of obstacles put before us we are unable to load any photos or masses of text to the blog or flickr for the moment..... This is Fiji !!!
The Internet access at the hotel is down for customer use, due to a.) Machine at the repairers and b) WIFI not functioning because the IT specialist will call.... "Fiji time" which appears to be when he feels like it.
c) I have dropped the charger for the laptop onto the tiled floor and it no longer works. Fortunately I have a car charger somewhere in the suitcases for such occasions, but not yet found. d) Internet cafe has disabled USB ports so I cannot bring stuff in to here to download.
Type directly into Blogspot when visiting Internet cafes.
Wait until the USA to do a serious blog update.... That will be Monday (jetlagged) or Tuesday.
Buy another charger in LA (sunday) or SF when we get there.  We have a car for that stage, so can car charge. Must get sorted by NY as no car there.

Apart from some heavy waves during the night, we seem to have escaped the tsuname that is reported as hitting the pacific islands.  We have no TV, internet or Phones out, but can get texts in and out on both the UK and spanish phones.
Bye for now............. wait for it, there is some good stuff on the way.

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