Saturday, 5 March 2011

Visit to Russell March 5th

As mentioned last night........ rain, and lots of it, all night and most of today.... in fact still raining now at 10pm Saturday. I took a couple of shots from Estuary Cottage now that the tide was in and then set off for our next destination Whangarei. Once settled I fired up the laptop to check the signal strength as the landlord was not sure if the wifi stretched to this end of the complex. We had an email from Peter and he suggested that we would like Russell on the bay of islands.  So we set off up the SH1 and missed our turning and eventually had to take the ferry across a river to get to Russell.  This turned out a much quicker route and the ferry arrived at much the same time as we did so no waiting. Russell is a lovely little port. There were birthday cruises and a wedding going on..... as you do, on a summer's Saturday afternoon... except it was raining. On the way back we took the longer (no ferry) road, but saw a lot of the Bay of Islands.... which was nice!!! Not alot of photos as it was raining all the time........... but here they are.

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