Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lake Taupo and Craters of the Moon - March 1st

We stayed at a sweet little cottage before setting out towards Lake Taupo.  Bird Cottage had everything you could possibly need, shame to only be there one night, but that’s the nature of touring!
The lake itself is quite amazing, so big it seems to be a sea and with lots and lots of ‘beaches’ along its shore, lots of camping and little sea side cottages, so small they were more like bathing huts at times. I was a bit incapacitated with my twisted ankle, although much better than yesterday, so we did lots of car touring today. On one end of the lake are the Huka Falls, which are not the best falls we’ve ever seen, but truly impressive for the amount, and power of the water rushing through a narrow chasm carved by the water. No fish can migrate up it, and you would be a fool to try to navigate it, though some have tried! The blueness of the water is surprising too.
Between the lake and Rotorura we began to see some signs of geothermal activity, stopping at ‘The Craters of the Moon’ to investigate our first fumaroles and mud holes. The yellows and greens, the strange shapes, all quite bizarre. 
Photos here.

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