Sunday, 20 March 2011

New York Day 1 – March 20th

NY Videos here and here. 

We’ve had a really exciting but exhausting day today. We firstly moved hotels then set out for the Guggenheim . The metro proved difficult to master as there were lots of repairs going on, it being Sunday, and lots of stations closed and diversions! We got to the museum eventually after an hour underground, and were surprised by how small it seems outside, especially compared with the high rises around it. Once inside we were completely bowled over by it as a space, or series of spaces and as an exhibition experience. Once again, the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t live to see it completed.
‘The Great Upheaval’ exhibition brought together many of the modern paintings from the collection, leading up to WW1 and showing the development of several of the movements towards abstract art. I was pleased to see some early Mondrian paintings showing how he developed towards the coloured lines and squares that were all know him for. You could also see just how closely artists worked, developing ideas together alongside one another at a particular moment in time.
We went from there into Central park for a walk in the bright sunshine and it is strange here to see daffodils and winter jasmine just coming out and snowdrops almost over, whereas in San Francisco, the daffs were all but over. It really shows the change in season. It is very cold here at night and in the morning too, but people were lying basking in the winter sun in the park in the afternoon. There was also a photo shoot going on of a group, so I took a shot of the photographer.
Losing 4 hours caught up with us at about 4 and we had to come back to the hotel for a rest, but we picked up again later, and, as we are on the edge of Chinatown, we went out for a truly authentic Chinese meal, complete with fortune cookies.  Photos here. 

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