Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Paloma Gardens to New Plymouth Feb 27th

Today was a real “Yarrows” day and a real treat for Rich. We had gone to Whanganui because of the Yarrow’s shipyard built paddle steamer “The Waimarie” and we had a great trip down memory lane on our trip up the river. Rich got to steer the boat, and to shovel coal into the boiler…so exciting! When he asked the Captain if it was NZ coal… he replied “Yes and its crap!” It was a nice restful trip in the sun for me and we saw some lovely houses on the banks and other people out enjoying their Sunday leisure time on the river.
Whanganui is a lovely little town, with lots of Art Deco buildings and a thriving glass school. The suitcase is for you, Jen. There happened to be a Morris rally on the river bank too. In Manaia we found the Yarrows Bakery which is renown in the area for its croissants, among other things. Then we could see Mount Taranaki, the dormant/active volcano, in the distance as we drove on our way to New Plymouth. We have since found out that it erupted roughly every 90 years for ages.  The last eruption was in the 1850s, so it is well overdue.  Beware, New Plymouth,.... the UK Yarrows are in town!
Photos here.

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