Friday, 18 March 2011

Monterey to San Fransisco - March 17th and 18th

SF Video

Again the main impression from the Scenic Coast road has been of the amazing power and size of the sea in these parts. We have also passed through some lovely little towns and seen some really elegant deco architecture. We finished our road homage actually in San Francisco where the road goes right alongside all the wharves and through the city. We then followed another scenic route driving around some of the highlights of the city. This will explain why lots of photos are taken from the car, because it was often impossible to park. We were able to explore a few on foot, notably the Palace of the Arts and the Fisherman’s wharf area.
The next day we awoke to torrential rain, as forecast, so again you will see photos taken from the tour bus, and lots of rainy shots! Still we enjoyed ourselves, and drove over all three bridges, because the visibility was so bad, we got lost driving in to the city. We went on a ferry around the bay and also a cable/tram car, and by then the rain had stopped briefly so we could explore a bit on foot. We had the traditional clam chowder in a Boudin sourdough loaf, which was great and went on their factory/historical tour. It’s a great city, with some huge parks and some very steep hills, lots of bridges and all the fun of the fair along the wharves.  Photos here.

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