Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Roturua --- March 2nd

It has been a weird day, but great with it. We have explored all around Lake Roturua looking at all the very strange geothermal activity around here. There is lots of it around that isn’t a part of all the general tourist dollar gaining scam! Around the edge of the lake you can see gusts of steam escaping in the distance, and when you explore it is all laid out and signposted, with safe boardwalks and signposting. Another great site was where there is a whole park built around some of the warm water holes used by the Maori throughout history. Again you see the steam and there are lots of mud geysers and bubbling hot water pools. Once again it is all laid out and signposted, with safe board walks and signposting. The I-site told us about this one, but it isn’t advertised anywhere as no-one makes any money from it. We came across this “old” building… The Bath House Museum  … only now being finished off after decades of not having enough money to realise the architect's original design. The second wing being built to match perfectly the first and central portion finished over a century ago. (1908)
The afternoon we spent luxuriating in some of the hot mineral pools at the Polynesian Spa .  I also had a great mud massage…different but fab! This did cost a bit but well worth it. It was a rainy afternoon but when you are already wet, hey ho, who cares.  Tomorrow on our way (actually not on our way) to Whangamata, we visit Wai-O-Tapu  for some more geothermal excitement. Be sure to follow the blog, if you like mud pools.
Photos here.

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  1. Just back from a ski-ing trip to Austria and trying to catch up on the blog. Seems to me that everywhere you guys go to or leave from, there is a disaster! Floods in Queensland, cyclone after you left, earthquake in Christchurch and now the tsunami in the Pacific!
    Hope you are both ok and not wilting too much :-)