Monday, 21 March 2011

New York Day 2 -- March 21st

Last night at about 11pm, as we were finishing the blog, we were surprised by lots of sirens outside our hotel and lots of fire engines surrounding it, when we looked out. Knowing how disaster has been creeping closer and closer, Rich dashed out to investigate, but it seems it was a false alarm since they were all packing up and getting ready to leave when he arrived. Phew!!
Our mission today was to go to The Museum for Modern Art  and hopefully a tour round the harbour to see the Statue of Liberty. However it has been a really wet foggy day, with even a flurry of snow, and we decided to postpone the boat cruise till we’ll able to see the sights. There was a huge long queue outside MoMA when we arrived, just after opening time, so we visited their design store across the road. We could have done all our Christmas shopping there except for the problem of flying it home! We got Harper a little something for his new bedroom.
The MoMA was a very different experience to the Guggenheim. It is a much bigger place and has a wide variety of exhibitions, and there were thousands of people there. It felt cramped and crowded and it was often difficult to really see what you wanted to. We went to the photography section, the architecture and design section and a special kitchen design exhibition. Then we looked at some of the modern art sections from their collection, until we got completely exhausted.
We had decided to get off the tube and explore some of the city at street level, and saw some surprising things. We were walking towards Washington Square, in Greenwich Village, when we came upon a load of filming going on. Rich had spotted some old cars in a line, and then we saw some extras being put through their paces in front of an old shop front. We had seen Richard E Grant earlier in MoMA, so will be on the lookout for his next film, as no doubt he was there for the filming.
Then we came upon a man covered in pigeons…literally! He obviously feeds the birds in Washington square regularly. Photos here.

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