Saturday, 19 March 2011

An aside (New York 19th March)

It has been very strange in America, especially from Santa Barbara on, how much Spanish we've encountered, from the obvious place names, like Los Angeles etc to streets called Los Gatos boulevard. In Fiji and in Oxnard too our cleaners were all Spanish speakers and we had conversations with them in Spanish. It  seems to be South Americans and Mexicans who are doing a lot of the menial jobs. We have asked directions in several places and found it easier to speak Spanish, to be understood, than English. On the airplane all written instructions were bi-lingual and in supermarkets and restaurants too. Perhaps it is just our ignorance that led it to being a surprise. Here in Queens, New York, we went out to eat and there were several South American/ Cuban places as well as Pizza and Fried Chicken. We chose one where there were chairs and tables, the menu was all in Spanish and nearly everything they didn't have, but we did end up with Calamare and Rice and Chicken, and Rice and Pork! Tomorrow we go to Manhattan to start NY proper and Best Western should be better than Queens. No Photos today as we lost a few hours and spent the rest on a 'plane.

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