Friday, 4 March 2011

The Coromandel Peninsular. March 4th

We knew from the outset that this would be a big day. A day to “Fill our eyes” as Juli would say. We started off by returning to the Whangamata beach and estuary where Ann had swam the night before. To take photos of this fantastic location. We then set off up the east coast on the SH25, taking photos of the superb vistas on the way. We had decided to look in on “The Waterworks”  as it had seemed a great place when I came across it on the internet. To get there we took the 309 road which cuts across the peninsular and saves several Kms. However it is yet again, a gravel road and progress was slow. There were many other fools on this road and the views were stunning, so it was worth it. We really enjoyed our time at the Waterworks and Ann managed to have another swim to add to her tally. The water related activities were really great for us big kids as well as the little ones that were there.  Every now and then you come across some whacky sculptures. The road from there back down the west coast of the peninsular was equally stunning and very twisty, so we were glad to get back on the 25 to Auckland. This was however Friday afternoon rush hour as we got there and I had forgotten all about three lane motorways doing 5kmph. To add to this dreary stretch of the journey it started to rain….. this is supposed to be summer!!! During the day we had passed many places where the road had been washed over with mud slides and I guess after today there will be more. When we arrived at Waiwera, I took this shot from our bedroom window just as the light was fading….. and then the rains came again. It is still raining heavily now at 10pm……… who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Photos here.

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