Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pukekura Park - New Plymouth, Feb 28th

Had a great day looking at Pukekura Park, walking the paths, and enjoying the beautiful day in the sun along with lots of the inhabitants of New Plymouth. It is incredible that so many cities have the foresight to provide such fabulous green spaces right in their heart. It is a great place with lots of wild space, lots of water, ponds and waterfalls, some formal lawn areas and some display greenhouses, literally full to the rafters with lovely specimen plants, not unique, or even really unusual, but so well grown and arranged. Also there are some really special big old trees within the ‘wild’ area, a Ginko Bilbao and some huge old native trees, up to 2000 years old. I was so busy looking up at the trunks and branches I tripped and sprained my ankle! What a pain. Not as bad as last time and the other foot, but horribly painful, so the rest of the day with it strapped up, and up to rest!  Tomorrow is another day…
Photos here.

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